Remote Communications Trailer - 40 (RCT-40)

When delivering or maintaining communications is vital, the RCT40 remote communications trailer offers a quick dependable link to keep voice and data flowing.
Whether reestablishing existing communications, or setting up a new link, the RCT40 makes it easy to be in operation and maintain contact. Quickly towed or air-lifted into position, the RCT40 offers a critical
link in time of need, plus features not previously found on mobile units.

The RCT40 remote communication trailer offers a compact, integrated solution for housing, transporting, and protecting remote-site communication link systems, supporting a new age of connectivity. RCT-40 is ideal for supporting operations in remote locations that only can be done using airlift capabilities or for large incident management, when radio connectivity is overwhelmed or elevated surveillance footage is needed.

We have worked with C-130 loadmasters to optimize the design to fit in the smallest military cargo plane. The end result was the RCT-40. Three compact RCT-40 can be mobilized in a C-130. The RCT-40 can also be helicopter sling-load or crane lifted. Additionally, a forklift can also be used with forklift tubes integrated into the design.

Possible Applications:

Municipal Fire Departments

  • Compact dimensions allow the RCT-40 to fit easily into any standard apparatus bay, with or without towing vehicle.
  • GVWR 5500lbs allows tow by standard towing package
  • Custom color options are available to meet your department's specifications
  • Custom spec-out ready
  • Elevated radio connectivity and maneuverability allows positioning of tower away from command post in positions best suited to assist in providing high quality radio repeating (at levels otherwise impossible from ground levels repeaters.
  • Elevated weather sensors allow accurate wind and weather readings to assist in tactical command decision making, particularly with ventilation decision making, fire attack and rescue strategy
  • Streaming elevated RC video or thermal imaging feeds, or WLAN connectivity open new doors for fireground and command decision making


The RCT-40 can deploy in under ONE minute, and can be manned, or left to run autonomously. The rugged design and compact size of the system allows rapid mobilization and placement into high hazard environments. The cost effectiveness, rapid deployability of the system, combined with an elevated mast and a host of connectivity options allow opportunities never before available on the frontlines of Haz-Mat incidents.

  • Custom spec-out ready
  • Elevated remote control streaming video
  • Elevated radiological, chemical and weather sensors with live feed to commanders or field assets --- "satellite" deployment of multiple RCT units in a perimeter provides high elevation sensor data with unheard of accuracy
  • Long-range WLAN (wireless local area networks) --- permitting total, reliable connectivity of resources, even in the hot zone
  • Elevated radio connectivity and inter-operability

RCT-40 Features

  • Large Capacity in a compact package
  • Integrated design maximizes capability
  • Rugged welded aluminum all-weather construction
  • Reduced weight for delivery by land or air
  • Three configurations
  • 40 ft telescoping antenna mast
  • Climate controlled equipment compartment
  • Choice of generator or shore power
  • Custom antenna mounting platforms
  • Custom spec-out ready