OTG Pneumatic Telescopic Towers

OpTech Group provides a full range of pneumatic telescoping masts and towers. Our masts and towers include standard feature and also can be custom configured with over 4000 permutation variances.

Standard Features of our masts/towers:

  • Factory is ISO9001 operations and NATO rated
  • UL Certification of NFPA-1901 compliance
  • Each tower requires no routine lubrication. All internal lubrication os performed during assembly
  • Precision machined tubes of corrosion resistant and anodized aluminum
  • Towers can be positioned at any increment to full height without first reaching full height extension.
  • Tower features an upper tubular protection cover that keeps dust and water away from seal rings when in the retracted position.
  • Tower comes equipped with our exclusive keyway system, which prevents toer totation and damage in windy conditions
  • Condensation drainage holes in each section
  • Tower is provided with pre-drilled lower mouonting brackets (top heads) for mountig lights, tilt/turn units, cameras, and other equipment
  • Standrad 2 year warranty and 3 years on certain models.
  • Air safety relief valve at bottom of each tower
  • Power junction boxes at top and bottom of tower on units with internal cables.

OTG-CX6934 100ft Pneumatic Telescopic Towers

The OTG-CX6934 100 ft Pneumatic telescopic mast is a versatile system constructed of lightweight aluminum and aluminum extrusions, entirely anodized and corrosion restistant hardware.

The relative ease of operation and maintenance makes this an ideal choice for any application requiring extended height up to 100 ft providing increased line of sight for some communications platform. As a standard feature on all of our tower offerings it can be incrementally adjustable to any height to full extension.

In the harshest environment this tower is capable of withstanding (-)65 °F to (+)212 °F. and the internal grease can operate in temperatures from (-) 40 ° F to (+)284 ° F. Towers can withstand a minimum of 10,000 cycles under normal operating conditions without requiring additional lubrication.

Each mast section is equipped with an internal groove for a "Key Way" design to prevent rotation and damge to mastsections in extreme wind or in the event the mast is extended into an obstruction.

Attention to details for operational and environment placement were given much consideration. At the base of the tower is equipped with a ball-joint mounting plate to facilitate installation on uneven ground. Additionally, the base is also equipped with an integral air safety valve for over pressure release, condenstaion drainage, and emergency lowering of the tower. Drainage holes are provided in each section to allow for automatic moisture drainage. Intergrated into each tower is a shock absorption system to allow for retraction of tower without damaging sensitive equipment. At the top the tower is was designed with a female mounting connection with locking mechanism to enable quick connect/disconnect of top payload.

The tower is capable of 360° rotation at the base using a mechanical turning handle.

OTG-CX6934 Specifications:

  • Extended Height: 100 ft
  • Retracted Height: 14.5 ft
  • Number of Sections: 9
  • Mast Diameter (Base): 7.87 Inches
  • Wall Thickness (Base): .197 inches
  • Top Load Capacity: 110 lbs (at full extensions)
  • Guying: 5-levels, 4-way
  • Maximum Sail Area: 6 sq ft
  • Maximum Wind (During Operation): 60.27 mph
  • Maximum Wind (While Erecting): 18.64 mph without guy winch, 37.38 mph with guy winch
  • Mast Weight: 441 lbs

Suggested Retail Price: $42,655

Possible Applications:

  • Communications
  • Lighting
  • Military
  • Photography and Surveillance
  • Wind Power