Capturing Good Ideas

Operational Technology Group (Optech) is a technology broker located at Purdue Research Park. We are fascinated by how technology evolves and how it can be transformed to fit in our present day. First we look for promising ideas. Because we can span multiple markets, industries, and geographic locations, we keep seeing proven technologies, products, business practices, and business models. We recognize that these old ideas are our main source of raw material for new ideas, even when we are not sure how an old idea might help in the future. When we come across a promising idea we try and understand how it works, to learn what is good and bad about it, and to start spinning concepts about new ways to use it. This is who we are and what we do.

We look to existing and emerging technology to develop deliverable and practical uses in today's world. As we learn and understand technology we start socilaizing the ideas and information in the community of interest to keep the ideas alive. We have found that once ideas stop being socialized it is often forgotten about. Operational Technology Group is an effective technology broker who develops creative answers to hard problems. It needs to be turned into something that can be tested and, if successful, integrated. We quickly turn an imaginative idea into a real service, product, process, or business model.