Mobile Shelter Trailer - 14 (MST-14)

Our Mobile Shelter Trailer (MST-14) was designed to provide trailering capabilities for existing and new Lighweight Mutli-purpsoe Shleters (LMS). Our proven "high capacity suspension" and the adjustable coupler system allows LMS products to be trailered behind mutliple tow vehicles from HMMWV to MRAP hitch heights.

MST-14 mounts include levelers that allow the shelter to be stablized while on the MST-14 or stand alone if the MST-14 is disconnected.

The MST-14 is a fast "field adaptable" way to repurpose existing or new LMS products. Unique compact folding design makes it easy for shipping and storage yet provides all the necessary support to make the shelter safe during transport and at rest.


MST-14 Features

  • 167" x 41" H - LMS is 84: W
  • Run Flat Tubeless 37 x 12.5R 16/5LT Tires
  • Can be designed for mast integration
  • Rugged welded aluminum all-weather construction
  • Reduced weight for delivery by land or air
  • Single Axle with Rubber Side Suspension
  • Tare Weight 1250 lbs
  • Payload Capacity 3500 lbs (Higher payload suspension available upon request
  • Maximum Weight 4750 lbs