Remote Communications Center - 60 (RCC-60)

After the successful deployment of our RCT-40 system we wanted to develop an end-to-end system that could be used as a command and control trailer. The Remote Communications Center - 60 (RCC-60) is a self contained unit to meet any situation.

The RCC-60 transports as a cargo container design to fit on a standard container chassis. The end-to-end system has bult in generator, HVAC, and internal deployable 60 foot mast for antennas, IR cameras, lighting equipment, etc. Mast deployment and wall expansion can be performed with just a single person.

The unique feature of the container is the expandable walls to increase the square footage of the interior allowing at a minimum seating for 10 analysts. The RCC-60 can accomodate for training , military, emergency situations, law enforcement and border patrol applications.